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    1. Tecco MeshTecco mesh is used to stabilize slopes with its high tensile strength steel wire that comes in 3.0mm 4.0mm or 2.0mm options with a tensile strength of ≥1,770N/mm2. The surface of the Tecco mesh is specially treated with a Zn/Al Alloy coating, heavy zinc coating, or stainless-steel wire is directly used.
    1. High Tensile Strength Steel Wire MeshHigh tensile strength steel wire mesh is a specially engineered mesh product with high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. It can withstand large impacts caused by falling rocks or landslides, while providing a long service life. It is adaptable to different heights and irregular slope structures thanks to its outstanding flexibility.
    1. Spider Spiral Rope MeshSpider Spiral Rope Mesh is most commonly applied in GSS2A, GSR2A systems with its functionality similar to that of GPS2 active net. Spider Spiral Rope Mesh is a protective net produced by twisting three strands of high tensile strength steel wire (≥1770Mpa) and with a diameter of 3.0mm/4.0mm.
    1. Flexible Ring Net BarriersThe flexible ring net barrier is a passive protection system consisting of a series of linked rings that form an extremely strong network to protect areas below slopes from falling rocks, landslides, debris flow, and avalanches.
    1. Rockfall BarrierThe rockfall barrier system is installed near the bottom of mountains or sloped land masses to protect low lying areas form rockfalls. When stones, rocks, or snow are falling down the slope, the passive rockfall barrier system reduces impact and protects people and property.
    1. Rock Fall NettingRock Fall Netting refers to various types of rockfall nettings that are installed and fastened to mountains or slopes. Compared to rockfall barrier system, rockfall netting is installed beside roads, facilities, residential areas, factories, and special areas, while the rockfall netting system covers slopes of mountains to keep stones and soils in place.
    1. TECCO Erosion MatThe TECCO Erosion Mat, or TECCO Erosion Mattress as it is also referred, is a flexible three-dimensional structural mat made of environmentally friendly polypropylene. The construction components include TECCO mesh G65/3, PP monofilaments, anchors and spike plate, border and sewing ropes and connection clips.
    1. Knotted Ends MeshKnotted Ends Mesh is a high-strength steel wire mesh featuring specially fixed knots tightly connected at the edge of each mesh. During production we ensure that each fixed knot is tight (≥ 1.5 laps). After the stitching is strengthened by the fixed knot, it forms a solid and unified whole, effectively improving the impact resistance of the mesh surface after splicing and ensuring the greatest amount of protection.
    1. Rockfall Protection MeshRockfall Protection Mesh is protection netting that offers high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. It comes in the following types: tensile strength steel wire mesh, spiral rope mesh, wire rope net, and steel ring net.
    1. Slope Strengthening SystemOur Slope Strengthening System is a method of stabilizing and strengthening unstable slopes with a flexible protective mesh structure and other components. The flexibility of the mesh makes it valuable as it can cover slopes with uneven structures. The system helps to prevent rock falls, landslides, avalanches, and mudslides, effectively ensuring the safety of people, roads, traffic, equipment, and buildings below.
    1. TECCO SystemTECCO Systems include several options, such as the TECCO System G65/3, TECCO System G65/4, TECCO System G80/4, Tecco System G45/2, etc.
    1. Spider Slope Stabilization SystemSpider slope stabilization systems are an active protection system consisting of a spider spiral rope mesh and a high tensile steel mesh, both of which are made of a high tensile strength wire with a better harness and tensile strength for bearing large impact forces from landslides, rockfalls, avalanches and debris flow.
    1. Rocco Ring Net SystemThe rocco ring net, also known as flexible ring net barriers, and rocco high tensile steel wire ring net are linked together using rings with a high tensile strength 3mm steel wire with a strength no less than 1770N/mm2. Anywhere between 5 and 19 spirals are bundled together into a ring measuring 30 or 35 in diameter to ensure an excellent buffering performance through its deformation.
    1. WICCO SystemThe WICCO system is a slope stabilization system that consists of a diamond wire rope net that can be installed on a slope face to hold down any lose rocks that may fall into undesired locations.
    1. NACCO SystemThe NACCO system another slope stabilization system that uses a PVC coated diamond wire rope net. The netting effectively holds down any loose rocks and prevents them from falling into undesired locations.
    1. SNS Slope Protection System SNS slope protection systems include SNS passive and SNS active slope protection systems. These slope protection systems are composed of the SNS slope protection mesh, steel wire mesh, decompression rings, supporting rope, sewing rope, steel columns, boundary ropes, wire rope anchors and other installation components.
    1. Component Various components act as a key aspect in slope stabilization systems as they effecteively maintain the integrity of the stabilitization system, ensuring an outstanding slope protective performance. Shown below are a variety of components, all of which are applicable to both active and passive slope protection systems, and can be sold separately.
    1. Flexible Stainless Steel Cable MeshOur normal specification of Flexible stainless steel rope mesh netting is: cable dia.1mm-4mm and mesh size:20mm-160mm. Apart from the normal specifications, we can customize other specifications of mesh in different cable diameters and mesh sizes.
    1. Ferrule Stainless Steel Wire Rope MeshThe wire rope construction is 7 x 7 or 7 x 19. The standard mesh angle is 60°. All of the components are made from the AISI 304 or AISI 316 material group. The mesh construction can be pulled apart like an accordion, producing a spring force that varies depending on the mesh aperture and wire rope thickness.
    1. Knotted Stainless Steel Wire Mesh NettingKnotted Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Netting or stainless steel inter-woven netting, zoo mesh, zoo netting, animal enclosure wire netting, rope netting, and bird protective netting provides safety for visitors and animals in zoos and other places.
    1. Handwoven Rope MeshThe lightweight, high strength and durable design of the rope netting allows for a workable lifetime of more than 30 years. The zoo mesh is designed to give animals a safe and comfortable living environment and won’t damage their skin/feathers if they come into contact with it.
    1. Zoo MeshAll over the world, zoological gardens are the crowd pullers among today's major leisure and educational facilities, attracting young and old alike. Observing living creatures seems to be a basic human need, and the history of today's zoos, dating back to ancient times, is proof of this.
    1. Animal Enclosure Wire MeshThis animal enclosure netting is designed for the safety of animals and the people around them. The high strength yet lightweight mesh offers outstanding visibility without sacrificing the tensile strength of the structure once installed.
    1. Aviary Mesh / Bird Cage NettingWire rope diameter: commonly used is 1.2mm(3/64"), 1.6mm(1/16") and 2.0mm(5/64")
      Mesh size: the mesh used 20 x 20mm(4/5" x 4/5"), 25.4 x 25.4(1" x 1") 38 x 38mm(1.5" x 1.5") and 51 x 51 mm(2" x 2")
    1. Balustrade Wire MeshA common example of application in architectural wire mesh is balustrade wire mesh of passenger foot-bridge. Stainless steel wire mesh netting is also suitable for stair railing, balcony railing, corridor railing and channel railing.
    1. Anti-Falling Safety Mesh NettingAnti-falling safety mesh netting has environmental protection, high strength, good flexibility, good durability and beautiful appearance, and it is easy to install. It is widely used in construction safety, industrial safety, school safety, sports fence, stairs protection, parking lot, garden, decoration, green wall system and farm enclosure.
    1. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Stadium FenceStainless steel wire mesh for stadium fence is a kind of flexible wire rope pressed and woven by special intersect. It has simple installation structure and large adjustable using range. Various specifications can be made according to the requirements of customers. This stainless steel wire mesh is suitable for basketball court fence, football field fence and all kinds of stadium fence. It is modern ideal decorative protective equipment.
    1. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Climbing PlantStainless steel wire mesh for climbing plant chooses high-quality 316 or 304 stainless steel wire woven by special technology. It is used in wall climbing plants, exterior wall greening project and house plant project .What’s more, it is also suitable for many fields like sports, acrobatics, home decoration and architectural decoration.
    1. Architectural Wire MeshBuilding facade mesh cladding is usually used in building façade, partition, ceiling, balcony, corridor, stairs, and high-grade interior and exterior wall decoration of airport, station, hotel, advanced, museum, opera house, music hall, office building, exhibition hall and shopping mall. Especially, the stereoscopic decoration of ceiling can show elegant, translucent and simple visual effect.
    1. Metal Decorative Wire MeshZhongDi can provide decorative mesh products in a variety of patterns colors and material options including brass, stainless steel, as well as specialized alloys.
    1. Stainless Steel Security ScreenThe stainless steel security screen has a specially designed stainless steel weave that can be used as a security door or window screen. The security mesh is burglar proof, bulletproof and still allows for visibility.
    1. Aluminium Perforated Window ScreenPerfect flat surface is easy to install
      Power coated: black, grey, white, yellow. Other colors are also available
      Beautiful finish, equal aperture and no faults
    1. Industrial Steel Floor GrateIndustrial steel floor grate can be called as steel grating. It consists of high quality low carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel. It is produced by welding, pressing or riveting. Besides industrial floor, it is widely used in fields of daily life, such as industrial terrace, platform, stair step, drainage ditch, building, transportation and fence.
    1. Hex SteelHex steel as refractory material has flexibility, high strength and anti-erosion properties. Hex steel is nice choice of furnace, reactor, cyclone separator, pipes, fire-resistant liner of flue. The degree of high temperature resistance is 700 ℃ -1600 ℃. The hex steel is developed newly, and the load capacity can reach 7400N/m2. High temperature resistant unshaped lining material is usually reinforced by hex steel.
    1. Anti-skid PlateMaterial Mesh Style: Expanded metal mesh, steel grating mesh, perforated metal mesh etc.
      Walkway Mesh length: 1m-4m or per client requirement.
      Walkway Mesh Width: 210mm,225mm,240mm,250mm,480mm,500mm and so on.
    1. Welded Wire MeshOur company started as a wire drawing operation, thus allowing us to develop an expertise processing wire meshproducts. It is for this reason that we are able to provide our customers with such high quality welded wire mesh products.
    1. Concrete Reinforcing Wire MeshConcrete reinforcing wire mesh is considered as a new, efficient and high-quality reinforced construction mesh. It is widely used in residential buildings, roofs, walls, terraces, concrete pavements, deck pavement, airport pavement, tunnel lining, concrete pipes, industrial and civil buildings.
    1. Defensive BarrierDefensive barrier can also be called as military blast barrier, HESCO defensive walls, flood control barrier, sandbags barrier, welded gabion barrier. It is welded by zinc-aluminum alloy wire or hot-galvanizing steel wire. The screw wire is used to complete the joint of the unit. The lining of the unit body is heavy non-woven fabrics polypropylene geotextile in order to form an integration.
    1. Hesco Barrier / Military BastionThe ZhongDi hesco barrier, is a gabion box used for flood control, military fortification and many other applications. The box is made up of a collapsible wire mesh structure and a heavy duty fabric liner. The boxes can then be filled with dirt, rocks, etc. to be used as a temporary to semi-permanent structure that can help control water or act as a barrier against blasts or small-arms fire.
    1. Welded GabionOur welded gabions are made using rigid, lightweight galvanized steel mesh instead of our standard mesh for added strength and stability. Welded gabion cages are more quickly erected and do not require tensioning.
    1. Wall SpikeWall spikes are a simple and economical solution to keep intruders from climbing your fences and entering unauthorized areas. The spikes are easy to install along security fencing and come in a variety of coatings and finishes.
    1. Welded Wire FencingOur Welded Wire Fencings are economical panel systems with longitudinal folds, giving the fence a stronger structure. The fence panels are welded using high quality low carbon steel wire that is surface treated using hot dipped galvanization or electrostatic polyester powder coated.
    1. 358 Security Fencing358 Security Fencing is designed to be impenetrable with mesh openings that are too small to fit your hands through and made of high quality carbon steel that cannot be cut using conventional hand tools.
    1. Steel Picket FenceOur picket fences are high quality and low maintenance fencing solutions with pickets and rails welded together, providing dependable strength and security. The classic design of these products makes them desirable as decorative fencing options for many residential customers.
    1. Chain Link FenceWe produce these fences in a various wire gauges and mesh sizes to meet the demands of many different customer requirements. The edge of the chain link mesh can be produced with a knuckled edge and barbed (protruding) edge.
    1. Field FenceField Fence, also called farm fence, game fencing, cattle fence, etc. are economical fencing solutions that feature woven high-tensile galvanized wire. The field fence is used to protect and enclose farms, grasslands, pastures and other locations.
    1. Razor FenceRazor Wire Fence or concertina wire, as it is sometimes referred is a security measure that can be added to fences as an inexpensive way to deter intruders. Our razor wire is made of corrosion resistant galvanized steel ribbon that is extremely strong and lasts for years.
    1. Barbed WireThe hot dipped galvanized wire is twisted together leaving sharp end points at the weave locations. Ideally the sight of the barbed wire atop the fence should be enough to get intruders to leave before attempting to enter the property.
    1. Noise Control BarrierNoise control barrier / sound barrier is made of steel pillar and absorbing sound and insulating sound board. One of important features of noise control barrier/sound barrier produced by Zhongdi is that the absorbing sound and insulating sound board consists of aluminum sheet (or galvanized sheet) and absorbing sound materials. The surface of board is treated by high voltage electrostatic spraying.